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Wicked Saint, a review

Sweetheart, every girl here is mine. And every girl in this town knows it.A douchebag It is during times like this that it pains me not to be able to give a book zero stars on Goodreads. But I can here so make an educated guess as to what my rating is. I've read my… Continue reading Wicked Saint, a review

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Sea Witch, a rant review

This review contains major spoilers, so if you were planning on reading the book perhaps you should consider reading it first and then return. 🙂 I started reading this book without knowing anything about it and looking back at it I truly do wish I'd had the good conscious of reading the synopsis before starting this book, maybe it would've prevented me  from having to suffer through Evie's wild, chaotic adventure.   I hope you like ranting because boi do I have some things to say about what I just read.   The story starts of with us knowing Evie is a witch, just like every other family member on her mom's side and we quickly learn that Evie's magic… Continue reading Sea Witch, a rant review

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Red Moon | Book review

Those who sin die by the way they sinned. First of all can we take the time to appreciate that sentence? Thank you  Now, the book. I really liked it. It’s the kind of book that you can read in one sitting. It always keeps you wanting for more. The chapters aren’t too long so it makes fall into the bad habit of ''oh just one more chapter and then I’ll stop'' and before you know it the book is over and you’re left wondering where  the time went.   Sein Ares has created such an interesting and dynamic world and you can tell a lot of work and thought went into it and really pays off. It was really interesting to read about although some aspects of it left me quite confused but in the grand scheme of things I didn’t find it to be much on an issue.   The concept of the book itself is perhaps what intrigued me the most. I haven’t read a… Continue reading Red Moon | Book review

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Books I read in January

It's 2020, one of my resolutions was to read more books this year but most importanly more quality books, if you know what I mean. My first thought was quality above quantity but then I figured....nah I can do both. Or so I thought. I started the year off with a kick and then school… Continue reading Books I read in January

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Alter Ego: My journeys beyond human boundaries

What a journey! Truth be told, I was a little sceptical when I first started reading this novel. I do love historical books but I had never read or heard about a story like this one. But my interest was really piqued after finishing the first chapter. Which is only logical since that is the… Continue reading Alter Ego: My journeys beyond human boundaries

Book review, Romance

The Forever Series | Book review

The Forever Series… Was it good? Yes, sure Was it special? Not quite I'll start off by saying that the storyline was rather clichĂ©. Seriously I almost read the exact same story a while ago. And can anyone tell me why the mafia is so popular these days? I don't quite get it but I'll… Continue reading The Forever Series | Book review

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Stepbrother Dearest | Book review

Did I like this book? No. Was I still pleasently surprised by it? Yes. Here's why: The book takes place when Greta meets her new charming stepbrother, which you could've deduced from the title. They first don't get along (surprise, surprise) but stuff goes down and a bond "deeper" than blood forms itself and they… Continue reading Stepbrother Dearest | Book review

Book review

Daughter of Smoke & Bone | Book review

Starting a book one has heard great praise about is always a good way to set yourself up for disappointment. At least in my case.I think it's safe to say that I am quite the judgemental person when it comes to books and this one is no exception.It started off beautifully. Lani Taylor has a… Continue reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone | Book review


Struggles Every Bookworm Has Faced

Reading is fun but it doesn't come without certain problems we all have encountered. But whenever you complain about them in front of your non-reader friends they just look at you blandly as if you just told them you saw their grandma running around naked across the street and that's when you know it for… Continue reading Struggles Every Bookworm Has Faced